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A Few Suggested Items for Your Assistant Editor Career

LaCie Rugged

Perfect for Your AE Drive

Load this up with your sound effects, settings, templates, and more, and then tote it with you to each new job.

AE Notebook

Never Forget a Task

A necessary tool for any busy assistant. This notebook will help you keep track of y

Hard Drive Case

Keep that New Drive Safe

Keep your cables organized and easy to find, and protect your hard drive from shocks and dirt.

USB-C to USB-3 Cable

Keep that Hard Drive Compatible

You won't always have a USB-C port. Keep your new drive compatible with this cable.

Wrist Support

Ergonomics are Important

Keep your body safe and comfortable with wrist support.

Phone Stand

Stay on Top of Notifications

A small and helpful phone support, this bean bag will allow you to keep your phone in front of you where you can see notifications clearly.

Adjustable Under-Desk Foot Rest

Ergonomics are Important

Rest your feet while improving your posture, and straightening your back, hips, and legs.

Standing Desk Mat

Ergonomics are Important

Lucky enough to have a standing desk? Add this mat to help alleviate fatigue.

Desk Elliptical

Get Your Steps in at Work

Post Production involves a lot of sitting. Help combat the static lifestyle with an elliptical.

Secretlab Omega Chair

Support Your Back and Neck

For people the following size:
Height: less than 5'11"
Weight: less than 240 lbs

Secretlab Titan Chair

Support Your Back and Neck

For people the following size:
Height: 5'9" - 6'7
Weight: less than 290 lbs

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