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Our Favorite Books on Editing and Assistant Editing

The TV|AE staff has created a list of our favorite books on editing and assistant editing for film and television.

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In The Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch

Classics are classics for a reason. Murch begins with the ultimate question: Why do cuts work? From there he discusses the depths of film editing, and how an editor's decisions affect an audience. His straightforward and easy-to-read book gives incredible insight.

Tip: Watch some of Murch's work before reading the book.

Apocalypse Now

The Godfather Part III

The English Patient

Make The Cut: A Guide to Becoming a Successful Assistant Editor in Film and TV by Lori Jane Coleman, ACE, and Diana Friedberg, ACE

This book is filled with practical advice. There's everything from "don't throw a banana in someone else's trash can," to what items to stock for office supplies. If you're looking for a practical guide, look no further.

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Film Editing: Emotion, Performance, Story, by Julie Lambden

Head to (or back to) film school with this one. Combining history, practice, study, and theory, this text investigates why certain editorial decisions can encourage the emotional and narrative engagement of the audience.

AVID Media Composer First: Fundamentals of Video Editing by Avid Media

Being the best assistant editor requires knowing the software inside and out. Going back to the basics helps strengthen your foundational knowledge so you can stretch to your greatest potential.

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