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Bulk Deleting Audio Transitions in Avid Media Composer

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Turnover Tips from - Avid Media Composer 2018

An example of a timeline with audio transitions

Why Bulk Delete?

Lots of post sound turnover specifications (specs) include an ask for a "clean" sequence as an .aaf. This is a sequence without fades or audio effects. But how do you get rid of the audio transitions? The good news is, there's an easy answer in Avid Media Composer.

The Steps in Avid Media Composer

  • Duplicate your sequence. Always duplicate a sequence when you're doing something "destructive" like deleting all of the effects.

  • Name your duplicated sequence something clear, like "Lock_CleanAudio"

  • Zoom your timeline out so you can see the entire timeline. If your sequence is so long that you can't see detail when zoomed out, then do this act-by-act rather than as a whole sequence.

  • Park your cursor on your first audio transition.

  • Activate just the audio tracks.

  • Open the Effect Editor.

A timeline showing the effect editor mode in the upper left-hand corner
Effect Mode
  • When the effect editor is open, the first transition will be selected.

A selected audio transition in an Avid timeline
Selected Transition
  • Hold "option" (on a Mac), click and drag your mouse from the blank space above the timeline across the area where you would like your transitions deleted. This will lasso your transitions.

  • De-select the video track(s) so only your audio tracks are activated.

  • Hit delete

  • Exit Effect Mode

A gif showing how to lasso effects while in effect editor mode in Avid
Lasso the Transitions

Congratulations! You have deleted all of the audio transitions. For more Avid tips be sure to check out the blog.


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