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Turnovers vs. Outputs

Updated: Apr 11

Similar concepts, different applications.

Assistant editors should have two sections for exported files in their project and in their folder structure on the drive: Outputs and Turnovers. This helps keep the project organized and makes it easy to find files for various departments. But, what's the difference?


Outputs are media files that are created for creative review. This can include:

  • Exports of cuts to send to directors, producers, executives, etc.

  • Exports of scenes or shots to send as references to set.

This is usually one file and it is often uploaded to Pix, Dax, Film.iO, or another secure video file-sharing system. These are often Quicktime files.


Turnovers are files that are sent to a specific department so that team can complete its own work on the project. These departments can include:

  • Music

  • Visual Effects

  • Sound

  • Graphics

  • Promo

These files can include an output as a reference for the department, but it will also include items like an EDL, AAF, and paperwork to provide materials to the team for their work.

In Summary

Outputs = review files

Turnovers = work files

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